Never Gonna Give You Up

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

And so we find ourselves here again, on this day...the day of pancakes. What a glorious day it is...and then it ends...and lent begins. Despite myself being in no way religiously inclined I use lent each year as an excuse to purge all the bad (read: glorious) food choices out of my life for 40 days and 40 nights.
I have done it for the past 5 years and last year I gave up 3 of my great loves...this year however I am going to attempt to step it up a notch to better both my diet (which mostly consists of cake and chocolate and regret) and my bank balance and give up the following:
1.      Coke- this includes all Cokes/Diet cokes, Pepsi, Dr Pepper- which basically are the only things I drink
2.      Chocolate
3.      Biscuits *sob*
4.      Cake *sobs hysterically*
5.      Unnecessary purchases-no more clothes or beauty orders (the only exception is if something essential runs out or breaks)
What that hell am I letting myself in for? All I can say is thank god I am single and enjoy my own company because I am not going to be someone you want to spend time with over the next 40 excuse me I must gorge on chocolate before midnight!
Are you giving anything up this year?
p.s. If you don't Rick Astely stuck in your head after reading this blog post's title we can not be friends.


  1. I think I am going to do the same.
    And I think I might have this song in my head for a long time coming now. Thankyou for that!!

  2. I'm doing unnecessary spending AND clean living & exercise. I'm hoping 40 days will build habits :)



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